March 21, 2007

Bush or YOU need to go; both can't stay

You people are utterly useless. It has been over six years now and Bush is still in office. Isn't it clear he and his gang operate for one primary goal: the destruction of their political enemies?

You have known since King Bush first took office that his court appointed presidency was based on lies, deception and dirty tricks. Certainly, over the years, Dick Cheney has made the agenda clear: oil, money, power and destroying liberals and democrats -- yet you refused to heed the warnings. When the extreme right wing has destroyed its enemies, who's next? You, you idiots, not the watermelons!

You were even provided a book titled 1984; yet still you ignore Bush's constant Orwellian language or when his body language and tone don't match his words. Do your truth detection instincts no longer work?

Even today, Bush stood before you and demanded in a serious confrontational tone that congress not confront his presidency:

"It will be regrettable if they choose to head down the partisan road of issuing subpoenas and demanding show trials when I have agreed to make key White House officials and documents available. I have proposed a reasonable way to avoid an impasse. I hope they don't choose confrontation. I will oppose any attempts to subpoena White House officials."

It looks good on paper, but did you watch his press conference and hear the way he said it? And ignoring that he doesn't want partisan politics to investigate his partisan employment policies, why are you sitting by while he hijacks your Office of the Presidency and lies right to your face?

Unless national security is clearly involved, Bush has no right to say how congress can investigate corruption and abuse of power. This is your instituion, your government and you need to take it back! Get off your asses and start by helping process the DOJ documents or at least reading them yourself without the media filters. If the media coverage doesn't outrage you -- reading the details first-hand will!

My prediction is that Gonzales will resign (this weekend). However, keep in mind that Bush's entire administration is corrupt. It is a Cult of Personality which believes it and Bush can do no wrong. Let them toss more of their own upon the swords; but don't let it end there! You have a duty to ensure no future president can abuse power the way this idiotic one has.

Don't be fooled by Bush's act. He knew what was going on. When are «you» going to clue in?

March 14, 2007

Property Rights: Smoker vs Big Tobacco

This story, from abcnews, about a city in California wanting to ban smoking within private residential apartments makes me angry at you!

If smoking is such an evil upon society, why haven't you nationalized the tobacco companies? Why haven't you reduced tobacco companies to a point where they can only produce nicotine replacement products to help people quit smoking? Don't you see the hypocrisy of your lawmakers for trying to ban smoking and not undoing the companies which make the death sticks? (Hint: can we say, "fund raising" or "tax revenue"?)

Why are you protecting the properties rights of Big Tobacco companies but limiting the rights of individuals? Let me repeat: Your society is putting the burden of a murdering product on people and not on the companies which produce it.

Big Tobacco is still in business and is still making products which continue to kill people. And all you do is treat smokers as if they are the social disease? Isn't there something backwards here?

What about regulating distribution of tobacco products? History shows that prohibition won't work; however, stronger regulation might be justifiable to keep the death sticks away from young mouths. But I'm not here to argue for or against regulation -- I prefer to point out that skipping over the discussion of regulation and jumping directly to criminalizing usage, while not criminalizing production, is just stupid!

Stop making excusing. Stop being hypocrites. Make your laws, legal system, and yourself useful. Review the silly sacredness you hold for private property rights when people are dropping dead. Threatening Granny for smoking in her one bedroom apartment is hardly as effective as shutting down the Tobacco Industry. Outlaw Tobacco companies or shut the hell up about smokers and let them smoke in private places.

For crying out loud... You are supposed to be Market God worshippers, so leave some issues between landlords and tenants!

March 13, 2007

Bush's abuses must be stopped!

Bush's use of your government to attack and destroy his political opponents must be the source of your deeper anger. Screw who lied to whom, who didn't report what, and who knew what when -- none of those details matter! What matters is the direction Bush continues to take us: down the road to Tyranny! Be angry, be very angry at Bush for the life he is sucking out of your government!

The structures and mechanisms of a democratic government should always remain politically neutral, not used as a weapon to destroy political opponents.

You put the prick in power. There is only one legal way to redeem yourselves; and you know the word...

Update: Bush is trying to back away and is acting "shocked" at what happened. Come on, Gonzales is his butty -- Bush is clearly afraid more details will be dug up.

Whose Law and Order?

Once again, today's wake up news is outrageous...

If you aren't angry over the politically motivated firing of prosecutors then either you don't understand the implications or you are complete idiot who needs to leave now and study the issue.

I'm no fan of prosecutors, especially the ones who abuse their entrusted powers, but ask any Republican how important their (albeit misguided) view of the system of law and order is; that is, if you can ignore the hypocrisy of their not condemning Presidential abuses.

Regardless, proper administration of law and order should be important to you!

Our entire legal system needs many reforms and a blatant attack on it by the White House can't be tolerated. Even if it turns out that, technically, "no laws where broken" and the President can appoint anyone he wants to US Attorney positions, isn't it clear what is really going on here?

US Attorney's were fired for political reasons either preemptively or in retaliation for conducting investigations embarrassing to the White House, or were replaced because they wouldn't conduct investigations into the Bush Administration's political opponents -- replaced by conspiring operatives who would. Do I need to repeat that? They are using our government to attack political opponents! How much closer to a Tyranny do you want to move?

It's the same old crap repeating itself. How many times do we need to watch reruns of a rogue Executive Branch playing hide and seek with a noisy but powerless congress before we're angry enough to grab our pitch forks and demand heads? Once again, the exact same pattern repeats: denial, claims of no wrong doing, new details arise, blame an aid, let the aid resign, claims of no illegalities, and finally claiming they fired "bad performers".

Aren't you tired of Bush's Nixonian routine yet? Can't you see through this crap? Can you not read between the lines? If you aren't or can't, then the continued corruption of our system of laws is your fault too! You either elected Bush or the ineffective, co-conspiring members of congress who will, in the end, do nothing to stop the Bush Administration from destroying the system of government and social trust generations of Americans fought and died for.

If you continue to do nothing about the Machiavellian Bush Administration and a congress who won't stop him, I say: GO AWAY!

March 12, 2007

Ideological Ideologies...

Ideological labels do not fit me; and I suspect they don't truly fit you either.

Ideologically based groups are based on nothing more than rhetoric disguised as easy solutions. After 30 years of reading, watching, or joining, I've studied all 19th and 20th century ideologies, not one of them demonstrates a complete, practical world view. (See Wikipedia: Ideology)

So what are you? An Anarchist, Communist, Conservative, Fascist, Liberal, Progressive, etc.? Do such labels really describe what you believe in? Do you know the entire history of the labels or how many people died under such labels?

How many times have we all heard a Liberal friend say, "The USSR's form of communism wasn't socialism." You know what? It was a form for socialism and millions of people died. Or how many people don't realize that Fascism and Nazism were more conservative than liberal movements, though contained elements of both? How many people died and continue to die from Religious Conservativism?

How many more people must die in the name of Idealism? Or any -ism? How about Capitalism? You don't think that too kills people? Often, when we give something a name, especially one with an -ism, and a few books are written, the -ism becomes sacred and is beyond reproach. You should know by now that reality is far more dynamic!

Canned ideologies are for the lazy -- for people who don't want to contemplate beyond the comfort of a pamphlet or book. If you are a member of some group or some political movement sharing a dogmatic ideology, all I can say to you is: GET OUT! All you are doing is worshipping someone else's rhetoric packaged in sound bites which sound good. That is, until you actually study them! You must ignore ideas which claim to define all problems and offer simple solutions without explaining the rest of reality. GET REAL! There are no simple answers to any aspect of human societies.

You need to overcome yourself, your labels, and your need for simplicity, before you can figure out how to reshape this world. If you can't do that, I say: GO AWAY, because you are as worthless as the ideologies you think you believe in.

There is only one ideological ideology of any real importance: the one concerning the dynamic, real-time human condition of all and every one of us.

Political Ideologies...

I don't subscribe to any political party. Nor should you.

Political parties serve no practical purpose for the ordinary person. After thirty years of observing and studying nearly all American political parties, I am convinced of the uselessness of political parties. Democratic, Green, Libertarian, Republican, Socialist, New-age anything, etc. (see Wikipedia: List of Political Parties) all fail for simple reasons: the more isolated a group becomes, the more fanatical it tends to become and the more it needs to appeal to its least common denominators.

Party philosophy is handed down from the top and always been -- even while they pretend to "poll" their adherents. Most adherents form their beliefs based on what their leaders are feeding them! Stop drinking the Kool-Aid!

Who do you think added abortion to the Republican Party platform? Or added Global Trade to the Democratic Party platform? Think about it: it wasn't you until you were told it was.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties enjoy nothing more than being the opposite of its nemesis -- as if both need to define themselves not by their own values, but instead by what they are not. Just look at the history of the American Democratic and Republican parties: they have constantly flip flopped on what their values where: slavery, regulation, taxes, individual vs corporate rights. The main traits both have in common are corruption, scandal, and complaining of "activist judges"!

Political parties are a game meant to attract supporters for the egocentric needs of specific players who require power, fame, and emotional attention. None of them care what you think, they simply "need" your support. Name me one exception, name one great modern leader? Don't insult yourself by naming Ronald Reagun.

A truly wise leader would refuse any position of power except in an actual time of crisis.

You will never have useful, empowering ideas so long as you are part of a vertically structured group which denies your input and existence. Furthermore, do you really need to follow someone else? Follow them to where? How can you always be sure they will take you where your own heart is? It might feel good to be part of a group with a strong, dynamic leader; but in the end, it is an illusion that grants you neither position nor power since your individual contribution is useless to them.

You need to overcome yourself, your labels, and your need for group identity, before you can figure out how to reshape this world. If you can't do that, I say: GO AWAY, because you are as worthless as the parties you belong to.

There is only one group you are automatically and always a member: Humanity.


That's right, "The Angry Phuque". And if some corporation's terms of service don't cause this blog to be removed, I intend to use it to tell you, the people of this world, exactly what I think of you and why.

I am an Angry Phuque. I am that way because of you -- because you suck -- the you who have done absolutely nothing to help transform both the American Society and the World into a better place. One without the serious problems we all know exist, but pretend aren't our problems.

Most, if not all, of the information we need to fix our world already exists. There are more than enough books, studies, documentaries, and people with some damned good ideas to provide enough food for your brains. So why can't you use this knowledge base for something useful? Why do you pretend you are too busy surviving to not further educate yourself and get more involved in the bigger picture of world problems?

I realize using rhetoric is an easy way out of having deeper, scholarly discussions. Rhetoric can be dangerous since it denies complex arguments by using persuasive sound bites. Sometimes the rhetorical approach is exactly what is needed to cut through the complexity and muck of ideas; however, it doesn't mean that complex arguments are not valid. It simply means that the human need for practical solutions shouldn't be ignored because of complicated, usually handicapping, rationalizations. We have to stop talking ourselves out of action and end our need for dangerous, rhetorical leaders. There is a balance to be found and you need to find it.

Our Democracy or Representative Republic might have freedom of speech, but if no one actually listens, what good is it? Aren't you tired, yet, of politicians who don't listen to you? Aren't you frustrated by feeling utterly powerless? If you aren't, then there is something seriously wrong with you! It is your duty to call to task a non-responsive government. That's what marching with sticks was made for! Your voice needs to be heard, speak up or GO AWAY!

The human capacity for self justification is nearly infinite, so please don't sit there and deny your role, your complicity, in not solving real problems by making excuses. You can make excuses forever! Don't sit there thinking to yourself: "Well, I go to Church and we give to the poor", "I work in a company that makes products which benefits ordinary people", "I'm an NSA agent fighting The War on Terror", "I work in government and we oversee health care benefits", or "These ideas are complicated and hurt my head!" Why don't you practice not making excuses by simply saying: "I don't know." Come on, try it again, "I don't know the answers."

Stop fooling yourselves by convincing yourself and others that your greedy and selfish actions matter. Whatever you think you've previously done, it hasn't amounted to anything productive. Both you or your institutions, proclaiming some so-called worthy goal, have probably created even more problems. Can't you see that no real problems, save polio (until some country needs a new weapon), have ever actually been solved in our life time? It's all talk, it's all bullshit. The only thing you've ever done was made a handful of people richer.

We need to change how we organize, discuss and debate ideas, and plan solutions! Currently, nearly every time good people do try something useful, it never lasts for long, becomes distorted beyond recognition, is mocked out of existence, or is eventually forgotten about.

Screw your excuses. The world is fucked and you are the problem for not doing more to help fix it. To you, I say: GO AWAY or do something to solve real problems, NOW.

Consider what I'm about to do, to and with you, a form of tough love, or just leave.

Friendly Reminder...

A friendly note to remind you that the world is what we make it. Unless an amazing God creature in the likeness of Richard Belzer pops up to say otherwise: reality is ours to construct and deconstruct.

Our economic, political, and social systems are defined by us, no one else. If you don't like the way things are, and you shouldn't, then you need to get off your lazy ass and do something about it.

Change can only happen if you make it so!

The most important change happens at the level of the individual, you... First you need to stop worrying about acceptance, approval, and conforming. If you can't do that, GO AWAY, because you are just a clone who's useless to the world and deserves to be victimized by it.

If haven't yet but are interested in breaking your and society's molds, you can start with Rageboy's Gonzo Manifesto. Or read a few mind altering quotes organized as a true labor of love by Admiral Pluto Krozabeeep.

If you still don't get it, try reading Kenan Malik's paper on multiculturalism and see if you can understand the difference between equality and plurality. If that fails, may I suggest reading this?